Current Challengers

If you’d like to be officially listed as a 2017 challenger, follow this link to  JOIN THE MARCH!  Please note, you can update your goals/information at any time.  Simply submit a new form through the “Join the March” link, and I’ll make the changes to the site.

Current Challengers (Constantly being updated!):

Amy Sayers
Daily Writing Goal: 500 words
Monthly Writing Goal: Rewriting my memoir: Soul Rising: A Journey From Infertility to Adoption

Ana June
Daily Writing Goal: 2000-3000
Monthly Writing Goal/What You Are Working On: Dissertation! Due March 24. :/

Anika Zebron
Daily Writing Goal: Daily blog writing & editing
Monthly Writing Goal: I plan to resurrect the blog associated with my personal design site. Writing & editing daily, I will be publicly posting 2-3/week.

Daily Writing Goal: 1 hour a day
Monthly Writing Goal: I’d like to finish revising a particular story by the end of the month, but I’d also like to produce something new.

Daily Writing Goal: 1 scene or monologue
Monthly Writing Goal: I’ve now published 2 volumes of short scenes before I noticed that the BIASC (Book Industry Standards and Communications) code I selected for those collections was “Performing arts / Monologues and Scenes.” And here I was with two books of scenes and nary a monologue to be seen. I’m going to be undertaking a similar play-a-day challenge that I had been undertaking the past several years in October, but with a preference for one-voice dramatic monologues this time around. And I’ll be keeping my first drafts up for a few days on my blog.

Cat Hubka
Daily Writing Goal: 1000 words
Monthly Writing Goal/What You Are Working On: (here you can be as specific or general as you like): Manuscript/dissertation, second manuscript, and two new essays.

Chris Strickling
Daily Writing Goal: write 1000 words per day
Monthly Writing Goal/What You Are Working On: (here you can be as specific or general as you like): Complete a manuscript draft of Joyce’s Voice, a project I have undertaken as a promise to a friend who wrote stories with me for two years. Before she died, I committed to this project and it is time to finish it.

Cynthia Patton
Daily Writing Goal: At least 30 minutes of writing or revision daily
Monthly Writing Goal: Lately I’ve been writing mostly poems, but I have a memoir that needs finishing. I’m hoping the challenge will help me get some momentum on that project. And if not, at least I will have work ready to submit!!

Dawn S
Daily Writing Goal: At least an hour a day writing on a story.
Monthly Writing Goal: Rewriting a story to strengthen its structure.

Dawn Trook
Daily Writing Goal: One postcard-sized poem daily
Monthly Writing Goal: A 30-poem chapbook of these poems.

Jennifer Lynn Krohn
Daily Writing Goal: Write or Revise Everyday
Monthly Writing Goal: I’m trying to finish a chapbook.

Daily Writing Goal: At least one hour
Monthly Writing Goal/What You Are Working On: With some recent grieving and a full-time job writing, I’ve really let my own work fall by the wayside. I’m mostly looking to “get back to it.” But, a more concrete goal might be to write and complete a new short story or essay this month.

Lenore Gusch
Daily Writing Goal: Daily journal entry.
Monthly Writing Goal: My special education master’s and learning how to teach…in other words…only boring academic writing.

Daily Writing Goal: Write a rough draft of 2 poems.
Monthly Writing Goal: I have a manuscript I would like to start revising but at the same time I want to write poems that I have notes about.

Randi Beck
Daily Writing Goal: TBD
Monthly Writing Goal:  TBD

Samantha Tetangco
Daily Writing Goal: Write everyday for at least 30 minutes/day
Monthly Writing Goal: Complete yet another draft of that same project that I keep returning to.  I would like to finish this draft by the end of the month to prepare for another round of queries.

Will Deboard
Daily Writing Goal: TBD
Monthly Writing Goal: TBD

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