Past Challengers

2014 Challengers

A. VonBurglarstein
Monthly Writing Goal: To have the second half of my Nano book edited.
Daily Writing Goal: 1 page of edits

Anne D.
Monthly Writing Goal: I’d like to revise 4 chapters of my novel (1 per week).
Daily Writing Goal: Rewrite one scene from my novel

Dawn Sperber
Monthly Writing Goal: Mostly, I want to commit to keep writing daily even while I’m crazy busy.  Also, I want to finish a new story by the end of the month.
Daily Writing Goal: 1 hour of creative writing (not only editing) a day

Bob Sabatini
Monthly Writing Goal: To fill out an entire 200 page comp book. I have a collection of artisan journals that have sat around un-written-in because I knew the writing could not match the quality of the binding. I’ve made a yearlong goal of filling one of them up completely every month, but to really pull out the stops for March, I’m going for the much larger but also more comfortable standard comp book.
Daily Writing Goal: To write every day.

Ching-In Chen
Monthly Writing Goal: I’m working on a few hybrid manuscripts and being better about sending out more submissions.
Daily Writing Goal: one poem or revision a day

Monthly Writing Goal: Finish an outline and a chapter in my historic fiction.
Daily Writing Goal: 15 minutes/day

Monthly Writing Goal:-make a second draft of generative literature piece
-not give up on creative writing as I work on thesis
Daily Writing Goal: ~15 minutes daily

Monthly Writing Goal: My goal is to form the habit of scheduling regular, uninterrupted, committed space into my everyday for writing & to remind myself of the joy, pleasure, and sustenance I get from practicing my art.
Daily Writing Goal: 1 hr a day

Elizabeth M-T
Monthly Writing Goal: I’ve been working on more poetry and I like it, so I want to keep going.
Daily Writing Goal: 15 min / 1 poem

Monthly Writing Goal: To get more blog posts done, and to opt for journaling, drawing, painting, working on personal freelance business, or even just doodling instead of going straight to sleep at night or dallying around on Pinterest (which also hurts my eyeballs). Also, I’d like to stop being such a chicken about sharing my really personal stuff- most of my decent writing is about intense topics, but I usually stray away from posting that or submitting it for publication because I’m like “what if someone gets mad at me or sad or blah blah blah bladeh blah,” etc. The friends who I’ve shared my really raw stuff with love it and want me to share it. I’m just scared. So overarching goal- be less afraid. Do it.
Daily Writing Goal: Spend at least 15 minutes focused on creative endeavors

Graham Gentz
Monthly Writing Goal: Bulster my blog with daily, polished writing.
Daily Writing Goal: 30 minutes a day

Monthly Writing Goal: I want to write 500 words a day to make a monthly goal of 15k words written. I wish to also  finish my story I started last year.
Daily Writing Goal: 500 words a day and finish mystery book!

Jennifer Lynn Krohn
Monthly Writing Goal: Revise poetry manuscript as well as keeping up with my prose.
Daily Writing Goal: 1 hour a day

Jennifer Simpson
Monthly Writing Goal: Complete the current revision of my book
Daily Writing Goal: 3 hours per day

Lisa Hase-Jackson
Monthly Writing Goal: Generating new work and revising works in progress.
Daily Writing Goal: Write or revise one poem a day

Lisa Chavez
Monthly Writing Goal: Generating new material.  Will continue to work on my NaNoWriMo novel, but I’d like to work on a variety of things:  new poems and essays too!
Daily Writing Goal: 1200 words a day

Maria Delgado
Monthly Writing Goal: 25,000 words on my memoir
Daily Writing Goal: 1000 words per day

 Melanie Unruh
Monthly Writing Goal: Draft new story
-Map out new trajectory/structure for novel #2
-Find voice and story of new POV characters
Daily Writing Goal: One hour per day

Samantha Erin Tetangco
Monthly Writing Goal: To enjoy writing for the entire month.  To write because I want to.  To write because I enjoy my characters.  To write because I enjoy my book.  And – perhaps – to write to through this current revision and have the desire/confidence to query agents again. Also, to write at least one short story and one poem that I want to send out.
Daily Writing Goal: 1.5 hours per day/6 days a week with one day of 2.5 hours or more

Teresa Gallion
Monthly Writing Goal: Complete at least 10 poems in March.
Daily Writing Goal: Be present to write each day

Tyger Burning (MarisaP)
Monthly Writing Goal:
-BLOG: The world* awaits blog posts concerning the Oscars. Definitely forthcoming.
-STORY: Complete a working draft of that stupid cat story. Please note that “stupid” modifies “story,” not “cat.” The cat is the only character who has anything at stake right now. Ugh.
-NOVEL: Read through the last NaNoWriMo effort and write a working draft of one or two scenes from it.
Daily Writing Goal: anything–but ANYTHING–that’s not work- or FB-related

Wil DeBiasi-Bartleman
Monthly Writing Goal: So I just quit my second part-time job and I intend to use that time to be more productive with my writing. Here are my goals:
-1 hand-written writing exercise per day
-at least 2 new short stories per week
-submit to at least 5 publications per day
-revise at least 3 stories every two weeks
-continue to achieve these goals beyond the end of March
Daily Writing Goal: 3 hours

If you’d like to be officially listed as a 2014 challenger, follow this link to  JOIN THE MARCH!  Please note, you can update your goals/information at any time.  Simply submit a new form through the “Join the March” link, and I’ll make the changes to the site.

2013 Challengers (alphabetical by 1st name)

A. Martini
Monthly Writing Goal: Work on pages in my journal of my experiences and lessons to pass down to my kids
Daily Writing Goal: To write a post or a page weekly…

Aaron Espinosa
Monthly Writing Goal: To finish a draft of an essay I’ve been working on and revise/develop some other pieces.
Daily Writing Goal: To write or revise for 1 hour daily

Adam Nunez
Monthly Writing Goal/What You Are Working On: (here you can be as specific or general as you like): My goal this month is to get my collection of stories into shape.
Daily Writing Goal: My daily writing goal is at least one hour. I can do this. I will do more than one hour, but on especially heavy grading days, I’ll still do an hour.

Alex (:
Monthly Writing Goal: Working on two short stories (Carla and Lucidity) from time to time.
Daily Writing Goal: 15-30 minutes.

Monthly Writing Goal: To keep myself busy and have something to do. I want to keep up my literacy skills, refresh my brain and bring back old memories. I love to write, I love to think, I like to think critically!
Daily Writing Goal: Keep up my literacy skills, refresh myself of old memories.

Annie D.
Monthly Writing Goal: Multiple projects: short story, novel revision, article.
Daily Writing Goal: To wake up early and write.

Ally Weasel
Monthly Writing Goal: I want to finish my novel!
Daily Writing Goal: 15+ minutes Daily

Allyson Hills
Monthly Writing Goal: Humorous narrative non-fiction about when I accidentally opened the door on Henry Mancini back stage at a concert when all he had on was his skivvies.  I’m also doing some speech writing since I just joined Toastmasters.
Daily Writing Goal: Writing 30 min to 1 hour each day

April Gutierrez
Monthly Writing Goal: I have several stories I’ve put on the back burner because of the semester that I will be pulling out.
Daily Writing Goal: 1,000 words

Bess Fernandez
Monthly Writing Goal: I am working on re-working a draft of a novel. I am also considering changing the point of view, so I would like to review my current draft, do some edits, and then either start adding to it or start over. Fun!
Daily Writing Goal: 30 mins a day

Bob Sabatini
Monthly Writing Goal: I’m calling it “MiNoWriMo,” for Miniature Novel Writing Month. The first time I tried NaNoWriMo, I had a devil of a time getting to that goal of 1,666 a day, but could handle an even thousand. So for this go-round, I’m exorcizing the 666 and shooting for a mini-“novel” of 31,000 words. I hope a good number of those will become a new short story or two. However, because I’ve gotten away from blogging recently, I am also giving myself an incentive to blog more: Anything I write in March that I have the guts to share on any of my blogs (, or counts double. Daily Writing Goal: 1,000(ish) words a day.

Monthly Writing Goal: My goal is to find a positive way to get my feelings out and better my communication skills.
Daily Writing Goal: Finding a way to get my feelings out.

Carrie Ojanen
Monthly Writing Goal: Put the something-note-poems together into a real poem on March 31.
Daily Writing Goal: Write something-poem in iPhone Notes everyday while the baby is sleeping.

Casey Frank
Monthly Writing Goal: Make a set for the open mic at Temple Beth Shalom and spew words into noxious poetry.
Daily Writing Goal: 500 words

Cat Camille
Monthly Writing Goal: At the end of the month, I will have four new poems and four new stories.
Daily Writing Goal: Daily Writing, and one story a week, and one poem a week

Catherine Louise Gurganus
Monthly Writing Goal/What You Are Working On: Write every day. Spend at least an hour working on my WIP (fleshing out characters, plot, etc.)
Daily Writing Goal: 15 minutes daily

Chris Boat
Monthly Writing Goal: I would like a first draft of part one for my planned novel.
Daily Writing Goal: I would like to find the time to write for at least a half an hour a day.

Chris Strickling
Monthly Writing Goal: I’m working on short live-reading pieces about my mother, my daughter, and about my uncle. I’m focusing on these 5 – 7 minute read out loud pieces because they are possible.  Because I can actually accomplish them, and I’m eager to be writing something personal that hopefully has resonances with other people.
Daily Writing Goal: 30 minutes per day

Cynthia J Patton
Monthly Writing Goal: I want to get back into the habit of a regular writing practice. I don’t care if I’m writing a blog post or working on my memoir, but I want to write at least 30 min/day.
Daily Writing Goal: 30 min

Daniel Mueller
Monthly Writing Goal: A new story, a collection of flash fictions, or a chapter–depending on what comes out on the page.
Daily Writing Goal: Will write no less than a page a day.

Monthly Writing Goal: Finish draft of novel.
Daily Writing Goal: One scene per day

Darlin’ Neal
Monthly Writing Goal: A strong short story draft; a revision of a novel.
Daily Writing Goal: 3 words

Dawn Sperber
Monthly Writing Goal: To get as far as I can on my novel’s draft
Daily Writing Goal: 3 hours/weekday, 1 hour/weekend day

Elizabeth M-T
Monthly Writing Goal: I’ve been writing a lot of poetry and I don’t hate all of it. I’m really interested in the idea of what my high school English teacher called “poetry as the distillation of language” — in general I try to eliminate as many words as I can without sacrificing meaning.
Daily Writing Goal: 1 poem per day

Erin Lebacqz
Monthly Writing Goal: Finish first draft (currently incomplete) and complete revisions of three of my short story drafts: Stepping Out, Brain Model (not the title), Hiatus (not the title).
Daily Writing Goal: Complete and then revise three story drafts – 1 hour per day.

Evey Wong
Monthly Writing Goal: I want to have at least two CNF essays drafted this month.
Daily Writing Goal: I’ve been stuck averaging at 500 words daily. Current goal: 750 words daily

Monthly Writing Goal: Mfa studio art thesis paper (8-10 pages).
Daily Writing Goal: 3 pages written

Jennifer Lynn Krohn
Monthly Writing Goal: to break some bad habits.
1. To be able to to write in places that are not my home and at times that are not mid morning.
2. To try and explore different subject in my poetry.
3. To finish a non-fiction piece that I’ve been putting off because it requires research.
Daily Writing Goal: Write an hour a day

Jennifer Simpson
Monthly Writing Goal: Complete next revision on Section 1 of my memoir.
Daily Writing Goal: MINIMUM 1 Hour per day (on my memoir-in-progress)

Monthly Writing Goal: I am working on short stories right now.
Daily Writing Goal: Two pages

Karen L Hogan
Monthly Writing Goal: I’m working on a personal narrative titled Beans and Meatballs and the Pink Stuff. My goal is to get a good first draft of Chapter 2 and write the last chapter.
Daily Writing Goal: 2 hours

Katie Simpson Spain
Monthly Writing Goal: A thesis paper! All fancy like. And due in May. But my rough draft is due on the 11th, so I am going to have to get busy! I have some, but I need so much more!!!
Daily Writing Goal: 30 minutes minimum, 4 hours maximum

Kerry Lynne
Monthly Writing Goal: Short story and some poems.
Daily Writing Goal: 15 minutes

Monthly Writing Goal: An essay about 10 months living abroad.
Daily Writing Goal: 15 minutes

Lenore Gusch
Monthly Writing Goal: There’s a short story I’ve been trying to write about my father’s hometown in PA that I would really love to finish.  Otherwise, I’ve been pretty lazy lately and producing anything will feel good.
Daily Writing Goal: One hour a day of productive writing or writing-related research.

Monthly Writing Goal: I am challenging myself to write about life as a mother. Perhaps it is for publication in some form, but for now it is to help me explore questions and digest my experiences. I will also be writing several blog posts for my midwifery blog.
Daily Writing Goal: 15 minutes

Monthly Writing Goal: Creating the materials for a small chapbook.
Daily Writing Goal: 3 pages a day

Monthly Writing Goal: 25 – 30 new pages in novel in progress
Daily Writing Goal: 45 minutes per day (or more)

Monthly Writing Goal: Submit to one contest.  Finish all prompts from Natalie Goldberg’s “Old Friend from Far Away.”
Daily Writing Goal: At least 15 minutes

Monthly Writing Goal: Finish my memoir
Daily Writing Goal: One hour of reflection and/or revision of my works in progress

Mark McDonough
Monthly Writing Goal: Finish the damn book!
Daily Writing Goal: Finish the damn book!

Melanie Unruh
Monthly Writing Goal: Finish 10th draft of first novel; Complete satisfying draft of first two chapters of 2nd novel; Blog (on my own site, maybe this one too??) at least twice
Daily Writing Goal: Okay, this is a two-parter:  I would like to write for at least an hour every day except for the week I’ll be traveling–for those days, it’ll be 15 mins/day.

Monthly Writing Goal: 30 chapters in a yittle book of memoir stories
Daily Writing Goal: 500 words, with a revision counting for another 500: Memoir

Monthly Writing Goal: Finish and send out two essays and work on drafting a new essay.
Daily Writing Goal: 3 Hrs (Weekday) & 1 Hr (Weekend/Holiday)

Monthly Writing Goal: Select 10 Literary Journals and prepare a work for submission.
Daily Writing Goal: 3 pages of writing loosely, pen doesn’t leave the paper/fingers don’t leave the keys. 30 minutes trying to make something of it.

R. A. Rivas
Monthly Writing Goal: I would like to make a complete work of letters. fictioal, real, and the likes
Daily Writing Goal: One page a day.

Randi Beck Ocena
Monthly Writing Goal: By the end of the month, I’d like to have a second draft of my next workshop story ready to go.
Daily Writing Goal: Three hours

Samantha Ann
Monthly Writing Goal: I want to be more creative with my writing, have more ideas, and develop my own writing further.
Daily Writing Goal: 15 minutes

Samantha Tetangco Ocena
Monthly Writing Goal: Send out query letters (about the novel) by the end of the month (which means final edits to the book).
Daily Writing Goal: 2 hours/day on the novel while in Bloomington; 1 hour/day while in Merced.

Monthly Writing Goal: I just moved back to the small town where I grew up.  It is weird.  I should blog about it (while attempting not to piss off everyone in said town).
Daily Writing Goal: 15 minutes of non work-related writing

Teresa Gallion
Monthly Writing Goal: My monthly writing goal is to complete editing on at least three poems.  I am working on my next manuscript.
Daily Writing Goal: Start or complete one poem each day

Timothy Zila
Monthly Writing Goal: My creative thesis (a collection of short stories), with Dan Mueller.
Daily Writing Goal: Two pages

Monthly Writing Goal: Work on completing novel and new chapters of memoir
Daily Writing Goal: 15 minutes

valerie lyn dow
Monthly Writing Goal: poems I want to read at an open mic
Daily Writing Goal: one poem a day

Wesley Atkinson
Monthly Writing Goal: I am currently writing a story more specifically a horror story.
Daily Writing Goal: 1 Hour each day

Monthly Writing Goal: Finish the first draft of my novel.
Daily Writing Goal: 1 Chapter

2012 Challengers


Monthly Goal: Refine 2 articles I want to get published. Create and maintain twice weekly blog posts for my websites and
Daily Goal: 1 hour of solid writing


Monthly Goal: I am revising a memoir to be completed by September of this year, contributing every six weeks to a magazine of long-form work, and doing a little freelancing on the side. So my goals for this month are to 1) draft chapter 19, 2) solve my too-many-volcanoes problem, 3) complete work on chapter segues, 4) devote more time to the second half of the book (chapters 24 through 32), and 5) meet my extracurricular editorial deadlines.
Daily Goal: 1+hr/MWFSun.; 5 hrs/TRSat; i.e. 20 hrs/wk


Monthly Goal: Working on my NYT best-sellers, one fiction, one nonfiction
Daily Writing Goal: 1500 words

Cindy Boutelle

Monthly Goal: To begin a forum for discussion on different readings.  I miss the classroom discussion that went with writing classes, particularly when we talked about writers’ techniques in published works.
Daily Writing Goal:: At this point, even a brainstorm would be fine.

Marisa P. Clark

50 pages toward fiction or nonfiction; blogs don’t count here
Daily Writing Goal: something NOT emails, comments on student work, Facebook posts; blog entry or creative endeavor


Monthly Goal: Finish dream story
Daily Goal: at least 3 hours/weekday + at least 2 hours/weekend day

Wil DeBiasi-Bartleman

Monthly Goal: Possibly finish a few short stories.
Daily Goal: at least 30 minutes

Anne DiCarlo

Monthly Goal: Finish the first draft of my novel.
Daily Goal: One section/1000 words per day


Monthly Goal:  Finish 1st draft of “hen lit” novel
Daily Writing Goal: 30 minutes/day

Aaron Espinosa

Monthly Goal: One (scary) creative non-fiction essay.
Daily Writing Goal: 45 minutes non-academic writing.

Teresa E. Gallion

Monthly Goal: Currently working towards a her next full-length manuscript
Daily Goal: A poem per day

gettin jiggy wit’ it

Monthly Goals: to write stuff.  I am a poet and I want to be poetic about poetic things.  I have learned recently that I am a bad person.  I am creating an anthology about my ways, searching for what makes me bad.
Daily Goal: to write


Monthly Goal: I am hoping to write 10 poems. Each poem 20 lines or less as a finished product. I am also taking black and white photographs using a 35 mm SLR camera. Theme is undecided…hopefully it will emerge as creativity begins to flow. The poems and photos should compliment each other for possible display in a gallery once the project is complete.
Daily Writing Goal: 15 minutes or more

Lenore Gusch

Monthly Goal: I haven’t finished a short story in a while…That’d be rad.
Daily Goal:: Write/Edit/Research something creative for at least an hour a day.  High school-style journaling does NOT count.  Blogs do.


Monthly Goal:: I am a freelance writer now, and have been waking up at 7am to start writing articles about everything under the sun. However, a drawback has been that I am not keeping an eye out for inspiration for my own blog, and struggling to keep up with my contributions to the online magazine I write for. It is nice to have work, but I need to keep reminding myself to write for myself, journal, or write blog posts more frequently. Writing at least 1 page for just myself and not for anyone else will help me continue to be true to my own voice.
Daily Goal: 1 page of my own

Michelle Herrera

Monthly Goal: I will be working on short stories, story ideas, my in-progress blog, and submitting my work to publications.
Daily Goal: 30-45 minutes per day of writing.


Monthly Goal: My more general role is to just get into the habit of writing daily. I am working most on a novella tentatively entitled “Long Hair”, but I would also like to get at least three poems edited this month in preparation for submission to literary journals.
Daily Goal: One Hour plus daily.

Cody Jones

Monthly Goal:  Minimum of 7 hours a week of writing creatively. 1 draft + revision done by March 14. Either a second revision of said draft or a completed rough draft of a second story by the end of the month.

Felicia Karas

Monthly Goal: A draft of a new story, submitting some old stories, and maybe some work on my longer manuscript.
Daily Goal: Spend time every day doing it!

Jennifer Lynn Krohn

Monthly Goal: To write everyday.  I’m hoping to produce more poems and to keep up on my blog.
Daily Writing Goal:: Three hours a days


Monthly Goal: Mostly, I am useless to the world on weekdays and have been doing a bulk of my writing on the weekends, but I want to try spending ten minutes a day jotting down notes and such. I think this will help the weekend writing not so laborious. My weekly goal, as part of my writing group, is to write 5 new pages a week for the novel I still have not finished.
Daily Writing Goal: Ten minutes?

Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco

Monthly Goal: Progress on long writing project / maybe-novel / thing.  Also: more poems that I don’t hate the next morning
Daily Writing Goal: 30 min/day

Sarah Mowrey

Monthly Goal: At open mics, tell new jokes every week. Write 4 sketches that are longer than “blackout” (short) sketches. (Typically due on Saturdays.)  Write one blog post a week.
Daily Goal: A premise a day.

Daniel Mueller

Monthly Goal: Stories and essays
Daily Goal: To devote a little of every day in March to writing fiction and/or creative nonfiction.

Sarah Osman

Monthly Goal:  I would like to work on more of my own personal work. I am currently working as a contributing writer for a few blogs and I am looking to expand into writing for more magazines. While this is all a lot of fun, I have not had the chance to finish a really good short story or creative non-fiction piece in a while, and I would like to.
Daily Goal: to work on Stories/Essays

Cynthia Patton

Monthly Goal: Working on my 3rd draft of memoir and maintaining my blog.
Daily Writing Goal: 30 min

Jula PDX

Monthly Goal: Poetry and a short story…it’s been too long since I’ve written either!
Daily Goal:: 15 min a day 

Michelle Dyer Peterson

Monthly Goal: Really, I just want to generate.
Daily Writing Goal:: Write creatively every day in March, even if it’s crap. Taking out periods and changing conjunctions does not count as writing.

Ava Riley (April Gutierrez)

Monthly Goal: I am working on the third novel in a series and would like to finish it hopefully this month, but to at least get as close to done as possible.  My specific writing goal is to write at least 1,000 words a day, AT LEAST.
Daily Goal: 30 minutes

Bob Sabatini (A.K.A “burqueboy”)

Monthly Goal: No specific goal in mind, just following the daily goal to make sure I stay in the practice of writing every day.
Daily Goal:: 1 blog post of at least 250 words

Katie Spain

Monthly Goal: Ummm, a lot of poems, some of them good enough to do something with. Hopefull some of them specific enough to put in a little book I’m working on. Or at least R & D for that project, in the long run.
Daily Goal: one to three poems per day

Serenity (Jervon)

Montly Goal: My goal is simple; start writing again. For too long I have made excuse after excuse to not write (not even a daily journal).
Daily Goal: Do a form of writing a few pages each day (diary, draft working, free write, etc.)

Jennifer Simpson (Thursdays Fridays with Jenn)

Daily goal:  5 hours a day. Revising some parts of my manuscript, re-visioning other parts, ripping out some words, adding some others, hopefully better ones.
Monthly goal:  Draft of Reconstructing My Mother printed out and submitted to my committee by March 29.  (note: defense scheduled for Friday, April 13)
Reading goal:  Read a chapter a day of writing that is not my own.

Samantha Erin Tetangco (that’s me)

Daily Goal: 75 minutes/day
Monthly Goal: To built the habit of writing daily.  I’d like to have a “submittable” draft of my novel done in April.  That said, if I could to a place where I can really focus on the ending, I would be very happy.
Reading Goal: A novel per week

Faerl Marie Torres

Monthly Goal: I am working on several drafts of a few flash fictions and CNF essays. I would like to have three final drafts, ready to submit by the end of the month. I am also working towards 3 posts a week on my style blog.
Daily Goal: 1 hour a day

Melanie Unruh

Monthly Goal: To get four of my short stories ready to send out/to be a part of my collection…that’s one story per week!
Daily Goal:: One hour per day and at least two per day for Spring Break

2011 Challengers

Cathy Arellano: Goals: TBD

Randi Beck: Daily Goal: 30 minutes/day.  Goal for the month: To finish her short story, “Six.” (If she finishes it this month, it will make the one year anniversary of its beginning.  In other words, she’s been working on the same story for a year and wants to finish it.)

Lisa Chavez: Daily Goal: 1500 words/day.  Goal for the month: Still TBD, but it might be vaguely something that I can send out for publication, though I expect some of my writing, like today, will be on the blog.”

Marisa P. C.: Daily Goals: at least 30 minutes per day every day, with these exceptions:at least 90 minutes per day over spring break, time off on driving days to and from L.V., any days I miss must be made up, hopefully in March but in April if necessary. Goal for End of the Month: work on the new blog (Morning, with Birds), finish draft of Gaga paper, already at 8600 words complete nearly completed first draft of short story tentatively titled “Pound Puppy,” look at the behemoth

Blas Falconer: Goals: TBD

Rick Raab-Faber: Daily goal: 30 min/day.  Goal for the month: “Let’s say, for grins, 4 raw chapters” of his novel. 

Teresa E. Gallion: Goals: 1 hour/day for poetry.  To write a poem.

Karen Hogan: Daily Goal: 4 hours/day.  Goal for the Month: TBD

Maria Elena Howard: Daily Goal: 30 min/day.  Goal for the month: a swift kick in the butt to . . . get going on all kinds of writing projects I’ve neglected for far far too long.

jkreg (aka Joy.  Last Name Unknown) : Goals: TBD

Jennifer Krohn: Goals: TBD

Casandra Lopez: Goals: TBD

Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco: Daily Goal: 45 minutes.  Goal for the month: 1 poem/day.

Merimee Moffitt: Daily Goal:  “my set goal was to write + for much more time than I had been and at least two to three times a day.”  Goal for the month:  tbd

Darlin’ Neal: Goals: TBD

Cynthia Patton: Daily Goal: 3 hours/day for month of March. Monthly goal: to make as much progress as possible on the 3rd, and hopefully final, draft of my book but to at least complete a totally awesome first chapter (because it sure as heck isn’t the chapter currently labeled #1). Additional goal: to submit 3 things (essay, poem, grant, etc) per month for the entire year. 2 months already completed–YEAH!!

Bob Sabatini:Daily Goal: 200-500 word blog post every day. He’s been blogging daily for 200 days and wants to keep the ball rolling.  The blog name, however, he’s keeping anonymous

Jennifer Simpson: Daily Goal: 5 hours/day. “My vision is work from 9am to 11:30am, then go to yoga at noon, home by 1:30 and put in two and a half more hours (and eat lunch).” Goal for the month: Complete next draft of COMPS.

Katie Spain: Daily Goals: TBD.  Month Goal: TBD

Dawn Sperber: Daily Goal: 5 hours/day.  Goal for the month: “to tighten up as many stories as i can to get my story collection completed. I’d love to finish it up, and will see how it goes.”

Carmela Starace: Goals: 700 words/day.  Goal for the month: TBD

Chris Strickling: Daily Goal: 1 hour/day.  Goal for the month: Chris is working on a book proposal and will also need to rewrite a chapter.

Elizabeth Tannen: Daily Goal: 1 hour/day.  Goal for the month: 20,000 (the first chunk of her dissertation/memoir project)

Samantha Erin Tetangco (that’s me): Daily Goal: 3 hours/day.  Goal for the month: 100 pages (revised & rewritten) and the “third” draft of her novel

Melanie Unruh: Goal: 75 hours over the course of the entire month.

7 thoughts on “Past Challengers

  1. Daily Goal: 3 hours/day for month of March.

    Monthly goal: to make as much progress as possible on the 3rd, and hopefully final, draft of my book but to at least complete a totally awesome first chapter (because it sure as heck isn’t the chapter currently labeled #1).

    Additional goal: to submit 3 things (essay, poem, grant, etc) per month for the entire year. 2 months already completed–YEAH!!

  2. Ok, it’s only March 2, but it feels good to have kept my commitment. Just finished my hour today. Here’s the discovery that I made yesterday. I’m writing a book proposal for a non-fiction work that focuses on a theatre ensemble group that I’ve been involved with (co-founder) for 11 years. I got stuck on how to proceed with my part of the introduction, so I procrastinated. I want to get an idea if the book has any chance of being published before I write much more than a proposal, because if it’s not going to succeed, I want to move on to another project. On Monday, I realized that the reason I’d lost interest was because I’d left my own story out of the chapter. That was a profound moment, a shift in my whole strategy. Since then I’ve been furiously, energetically writing a whole new chapter. And this one has my voice in it, this one is the story that I really want to share. I wonder how many of us do this: write around what we really need to say instead of just saying it. For me, it requires that I believe my story is as important as anyone else’s. If I don’t believe that, I can’t write!

  3. Hey Sam, I’m so happy you all are doing this, and wanted to let you know I’m doing it too, in a subtle sort of way. My main goal for March is to tighten up as many stories as i can to get my story collection completed. I’d love to finish it up, and will see how it goes. My daily goal is to write at least 5 hours/day, but I noticed if I think about the process of writing too much, I “wake up,” and I really write best when I’m in more of a dream.
    But knowing that you other writers are keeping specific goals has been helpful so far, and at certain points of the day, I’ll go back and count my hours to see if I’ve reached 5, and if I haven’t, I sit my butt down and start working. This is also helpful to show myself the proof that I am indeed working hard, and lately I’ve also started counting my pages edited/written for the day, and that’s validating too.
    So, yes, in my own way, I’m with y’all. Write on!

  4. I have been aware of and participating in the Writers’ March–my writing and all subcategories have increased. It’s been a success. I found out about the blog last night–a friend credited her 23 poems to my informing her of the challenge and she found the blog. here I am, late but writing more daily. my set goal was to write + for much more time than I had been and at least two to three times a day. Much has occurred.

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