March Bloggers

Samantha Tetangco is the founder and creator of Writer’s March.  She has blogged from many corners of the USA, from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Bloomington, Indiana to Merced, California, her hometown, where she currently lives.  Her fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry have appeared and are forthcoming in The Sun, Foglifter, Gertrude, Phoebe, the Oklahoma Review, Gargoyle, and others.  She has an MFA from the University of New Mexico and teaches writing at the University of California Merced.  She is also serving as Communications Officer for the LGBTQ Writer’s Caucus.

Randi Beck (Sunday Sound Bites) is a native of Oklahoma and earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of New Mexico, where she was fortunate to have a number of excellent writing mentors and talented friends to teach and encourage her. Her work has appeared in Threepenny Review, The Kenyon Review Online, and The Michigan Quarterly Review.

Guest Bloggers

Bob is the non-metal one.

Bob Sabatini is a recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. He is currently putting finishing touches on a book of short plays entitled A Play a Day Keeps the Grey Away. He writes extensively about travel and baseball (and his travels to baseball parks) and spent a term pretending to be a statue, which—of course—he also wrote about.




Cynthia Patton is an attorney and founder of the nonprofit, Autism A to Z. Her award-winning work has appeared in twelve anthologies plus numerous print and online publications as well as onstage. Her poetry collection, Across An Aqueous Moon: Travels in Autism, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2016. The California native is completing a memoir on her unconventional journey to motherhood.



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Jennifer Simpson (formerly of “Thursdays Fridays with Jenn”) holds an MFA in creative non fiction in one hand, her unfinished memoir, Reconstructing My Mother, in the other. She is the director of DimeStories International and founder and co-host of the Albuquerque chapter.  She is also the editor and publisher of the I WRITE BECAUSE project and reads grief memoirs for fun.


Lenore Gusch was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and recently graduated with a bachelor’s of creative writing from UNM.  Now, adrift in “the real world” (Not the 90’s show on MTV but, ya know, the REAL “real” real world.) she writes, reads, plays instruments, sleeps a lot, stares at walls, promotes revolution, etc, while waiting for the right time to escap



Nari Kirk studied creative nonfiction at the University of New Mexico. She lives near Seattle, where she teaches, consults, and writes. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hobart, the Poetry Northwest website, the anthology Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God, and elsewhere.

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