Sunday Sound-bites: The Week 3 Edition

By Guest Blogger Randi Beck

Think of today’s offerings as two tapas of the podcast world. Each is a very listenable 25-35 minutes and gives you just enough to think about but not so much that your head will explode.

Here they are:

why I writeWhy I Write

This one is brought to you by the National Council for Teachers of English and consists of 30 minute interviews with writers of all sorts.  The writers are delightful & inspiring. The host sounds like a morning radio disc jockey. The intermittent sounds of traffic, birds, and shuffling papers gives away the fact that all or most of these interviews are done over the phone…in other words, sound quality is not always top notch, but it doesn’t really interrupt the experience.  It’s still very new as it started up late last year, but episodes are released every two weeks.


Yes, if you are a frequenter checker-upper of what’s new and hip in podcasts, you’ve seen this name before. You’ll be entertained and (if you’re a good listener) you can learn some things about story-telling or gather some sci-fi/mystery/horror inspiration from these creepy, suspense tales based on true stories and legends around the world.  If you like being creeped out, listen before bed. If you don’t…don’t.  And here’s a fun bonus writing exercise: After listening to the tale in the 3rd person, try writing a short-short story in 1st person from the POV of a character living through one of these little nightmares. Go ahead and be a little crazy if you feel so inspired, taking on the point of view of the werewolf, murderous child, or disturbed elderly woman choking someone to death.


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