Bibliophilia Stichomancy: Inspiration from the Literary Divine

Perhaps the favorite thing Randi and I brought back from AWP (other than the memories, of course!) was a box of “literary postcards” called Bibliophilia:


The postcards come in a box of 100*.  They are beautiful images, each with a different quote from a famous writer.   Randi found them at one of the booths, and she showed me the find with a guilty pleasure, pulling them from her tote bag in the middle of the bustling AWP Bookfair.  “Look!” she said, and we opened them immediately, our hands reaching outwards, not to flip through the cards as you might expect, but to each draw one at random, our eyes closed, left hands extended, seeking our inspiration for the day.

Okay, so maybe this was not the purpose of the postcards.  I doubt they were meant to be a form of writer’s stichomancy, a grasping at words the way people used to grasp at random Bible passages for insight or divine guidance.  But Randi and I do this often, with EVERYTHING, from board game characters to fortune cookies to boxes full of rocks…  Either way, the cards’ messages were profound.  

Since then, we’ve used the cards often, drawing one every now and again to start our days or inspire our writing.  Today, I pulled 5 cards for the Writer’s March.  One for each genre. Use these as writing prompts or simply something to mull over as you work:

For the Poets:


For the Fiction Writers:


For the Creative Nonfiction Writers:


For the Playwrights:


For those in Mixed or Undefined or Other Genres:


*Side note:  I love these cards, but my one complaint is that, of the 100 cards, there are barely any women writers.  I counted them one night and found, to my disbelief, only 5!  (I may have slightly miscounted, but regardless, the number was SMALL!  So, creators of Bibliophilia, if you read this, I implore you to release another box, one that writers like me can feel proud to promote instead of slightly guilty!)

One thought on “Bibliophilia Stichomancy: Inspiration from the Literary Divine

  1. I LOVE THESE CARDS and wish I had some of my own. Meanwhile, I recommend pulling one for the graphic artist-writers among us. I am, sadly, not one.

    Also, I like the idea of gathering quotes from favorite artists and writers, maybe putting them on notecards, and using them for this reason. We can make sure women, people of color, queer people, and all the “others” are more than well represented.

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