…that moment when you think no one is interested…

…but you forgot you created filters in your email…

…and THAT is what happened!  After sending out my previous post, I awaited responses and heard…well, nothing.  I went about my days thinking, man, I guess everyone is too crazy these days!  And then…very very randomly, I happened upon a response hidden in the bowels of my email inbox!  Doh!-Indeed!

Sooo…  you know what?  It’s March first!  So, it isn’t too late!?  Maybe we’ll get a late start, but let’s do it anyway!  For those who are unfamiliar with Writer’s March – it’s easy!  If you want to participate, set a goal for the month.  This goal can be WHATEVER you want, from write at least 1 word a day to Write 1,000 words a day.  People in the past have treated Writer’s March like a Spring NaNoWriMo.  Others as a way to just get the butt in the seat EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  There is one requirement and one requirement only…As Cheryl Strayed would say…

Want to participate?  There’s a handly little “Join the March” online form.  I’ll take your info and add it to the site in a list of “Current Challengers.”  Want to write a guest blog post?  Let me know!  And for the rest of this month, we’ll invade your inbox with prompts, encouragement, and – perhaps most importantly – a community of other writers committed to the same butt-in-the-seat task! (and I will remember that I have a filter on!  Doh!)

Sooooo, let’s do this!  Join the March!  And just because it’s fun, feel free to also tell us your goals in the comments below!

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