An End to the Hiatus?

Hi Everyone,

Well, the one year Writers’ March hiatus quickly turned into two (or is it 3?).  These days, my life is so busy, I often find myself wondering if I have time to sleep, let alone write, and yet, as I stare at the calendar and watch as March fast approaches, I cannot help but wonder…is it time to re-emerge from our slumber?  To take to the sheets (or paper) and write through the month once again?

And so, a post to gauge interest.  How is everyone doing?  Who is interested in participating?  Is anyone out there interested in writing up some guest posts?  Even if the “official” Writer’s March doesn’t happen this year, I’d love to hear what you folks are up to!

Let me know?  Convince me one way or another?  Leave a comment below?



7 thoughts on “An End to the Hiatus?

  1. I participated a couple of years ago and would be up to try it again–as you’ve said, with life being so busy, the fact is I also haven’t spent as much time writing these days as I’d like, and would appreciate the catalyst!

  2. I would love to see you back. I am not sure, however, how much I can contribute given the existence of an 8-5 gig in my life. Though maybe if I had an assignment to write each week I would. Maybe if I had a group encouraging me, I’d make the time to write… to March into the future with a small goal of say, writing 500 words a week. Or maybe revising one scribble from my Monday Writers group into a short story or vignette each week… Whether you choose to continue the March I’ll support you as much as I can. Maybe I’ll even do more than I think I can. ❤

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