Day 31: The end is the beginning is the end is the beginning…

Of all the posts and all the pep talks and all the writing advice I’ve shared/relayed/attempted to give during this Writer’s March, this post feels the most important.  Yet, in many ways, it also seems the most unnecessary.  Dare I say it?  If you’ve made it this far, what advice do you need other than this:   Keep going.

I’ve heard it said that it takes thirty days to make a habit, but ninety days to make that habit a part of your every day life.  Instead of thinking of today as a finish line, please think of it as a milestone.  A road marker.  A pit stop.  You’ve made it here.  Be PROUD of that.  But change your tires.  Get back behind the wheel.  And keep on driving.  It’s a long road, but man, it’s a beautiful ride, isn’t it?  (okay, so a cheesy metaphor, but endings bring it out in me…)

Where Do “We” Go From Here?

Today marks the “end” of the 2012 Writer’s March.  I’d like to offer a profound thanks to Jennifer Simpson (Fridays with Jenn) and to guest bloggers, Marisa P. Clark and Lenore Gusch.  I would also like to thank everyone who dropped by to visit, who sent writing exercises or writing advice, and/or who engaged in writing conversations through comments both on this blog, on facebook, and in person.  Without your help and support, this endeavor would not be possible.  Writing daily–and blogging daily–are  daily challenges.  All of you (named and unnamed) have become a huge part of my writing life.  If you weren’t there, I wouldn’t be here.

This year, I would also like to follow up on our challenger goals, both as a way of acknowledging everyone’s hard work, but also as a way of thinking about how to shape the blog next year.  Please take a minute to submit the following form:

Additionally, we also want to hear your success stories.  Publish a poem or three or eight?  Place your short story?  Your essay?  Get a novel or memoir picked up?  Win a contest?  We want to know, and we want to promote you.  Keep an eye out for the “Success Stories” page.  I’ll get it up as soon as possible (and there will be a place to submit a form there).  In the mean time, if you haven’t already, polish up all that hard work, and get it into the world!

And finally, please take the FINAL CHALLENGER POLL

Best of luck to everyone out there.  And whatever you do tomorrow, I hope more writing is in your future.

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