Day 17: The Sleep Myth

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I read this post the other week and liked it so much I asked Lenore to be another Guest Blogger for Writer’s March. Here’s a precursor, and look for a fresh blog from Lenore this coming Wednesday.  To view the whole thing, I think you have to click on the link up top?  Please do.  I promise it is worth it!

Be lucky. Write more.

Anywhere But Avenue A


I woke up in the middle of the night last night (and let me clarify, I usually go to sleep between 3 and 5am, so “the middle of the night” falls accordingly,) and was appalled to find that the daily post on the Writer’s March blog was already written and posted by 7am.

Most of the successful writers I know wake up (freakishly) early and often write first thing in the morning.  Every writing professor I’ve had has sworn by this schedule.  What the hell, writer friends?!  How do you do it?!  I often worry about this, since I tend to write very late at night before bed, and I’ve never been able to develop a proper regimen.   

When left to my own devices, my natural sleep schedule seems to be to go to bed around dawn and sleep into the afternoon.  A couple summers ago, when I was unemployed…

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2 thoughts on “Day 17: The Sleep Myth

  1. Haha! I wrote the post over the last week… and finished it up the night BEFORE, and scheduled it to post at 7 am. You know, to be there for all those freakish (mythical?) writers who get up before dawn to write….

    • Jenn, thankfully after reading this post, Sam let me in on that secret right away. : P I feel a lot better about life now. But hey, it’s still a good dramatic first paragraph!

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