Day 10: An Open Letter to Our Poets

Dear A Writer’s March Poets:

I recognize that we’ve been pretty prose heavy lately on this blog, please accept this formal apology and these 5 writing exercises as a peace offering:

Exercise #1 from Lantern Review (A prompt contest!)

From someone named “Sami”:  Giving people hand mirrors and asking them to spend 3-5 minutes just looking at themselves in it. After that time, having people write about what they see there, what is there that didn’t use to be or what is there that only you can see?

Exercise #2 from Writing Forward

Write a Tribute poem to An Inanimate Object.  As Melissa Donovan says, “You can write a silly poem about how much you admire your toaster or you can write a serious piece declaring the magnificence of an inanimate object with more meaning (something like a book, perhaps?).

Exercise #3 from The Journal

List ten items that you would buy at an auction, or tag sale. Write a poem including those items. You may chose to title your poem, “Things Found At An Auction”. Variation, have someone else create a list for you.

Exercise #4 from Writer’s Digest

Write a Risk Poem.  Writer’s digest defines this as “a poem in which either the narrator, a character, or whatever takes a risk, or in which risk is involved. For those who like board games, yes, you can finally write that game about Risk that you’ve always wanted to do.”

Exercise #5 from Creative Writing Now

Write a poem about something that happened to someone you know. Write about it as if it had happened to you.

Happy writing!
Sam & The Writer’s March Crew

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