Afternoon Advice for Day 7

And here’s some writing advice from Dawn Sperber, one of our challengers:

On finding your way back in…

When I’m heavily revising a story, sometimes the momentum can slow down and the ideas stop moving.  I’ve found that if I have a scene I want to change, it can be good to take a few steps back from the story and go ahead and tangent away from it to learn more information, and let my voice get fun again.  Then I ask questions about the characters’ backgrounds, or ask them questions directly about different situations in the story, or if they have anecdotes about settings in the story~ and whatever I write doesn’t have to be perfect or usable or have the same tone as the story.  It’s very freeing, and then the energy gets moving again; sometimes i learn more info to plug into various parts of the piece, or I can end up with a new way to approach the scene, or decide a different character should relay the scene, or even if I don’t use any of the tangent info, I just believe in the scene again and it gets a heartbeat.  ~Anyway, that’s what I do.  Like opening the window for fresh air.

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