A Writing Prompt for Day 2

This afternoon prompt comes from my good friend (and fellow challenger), Maria.  (who also happens to be the very first writing friend I’d ever had.  We met when we were both waitlisted for a class with Maxine Hong Kingston)  Once, we even attempted to co-coordinate a DE-CAL class called “Attempts at Novel Writing.”  It seems that about ten years later, we’re both still working on those attempts.  If I’m right, Maria’s still chipping at the same novel.

Maria’s Revision Exercise:

Write down five quick sketches of scenes that have already happened or will happen between your characters on index cards, maybe with a little drawing or a list of details as they occur to you. You can take these cards around with you and add things when you have spare moment or two. You don’t even have to use them in your final work, but they will still inform your writing!

Got an exercise to share?

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