Three Writing Exercises for Day 1

It seems from our current list of Challengers, that lots of people are starting to write again after a long hiatus.  In honor of our masses, here are three writing prompts to start us off:


According to Dorothy Allison, plot is easy.  Just open up a newspaper.  She said these words to a class of writers at the Taos Summer Writers’ Workshop and then proceeded to dole out examples, the more famous of them being the plot of Bel Canto, one of my favorite novels by Ann Patchett.  My favorite place to look for plot-worthy news stories is from the Albuquerque Alibi.  Every week, there is a section titled, Weird News.  Here’s a link to this week’s handbag.  May it bring you inspiration:  The Alibi’s Odds & Ends: Weird News


Here’s a writing prompt from Jennifer Krohn, one of our challengers: “Select a villain or side character from a well known story.  Write a poem or story from his or her perspective.”  Hey, if Gregory Maguire (of Wicked, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, etc) can do it, why can’t we?


The examples of this are abundant.  But give this a try:  Make a list of objects in your/a character’s room.  Aim high: 20 or more.  Choose one item and do a freewrite on what that item means to you/that character.  Think about it’s history (where did it come from, why do they value it, what memories are stuck in it).  See where that takes you.

GOT A WRITING PROMPT?  I just used up 3 of mine, and I need your help…

I’d love to be able to post a different writing prompt every afternoon, but there are not enough in my mind’s database.  How about some collective efforts?

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3 thoughts on “Three Writing Exercises for Day 1

  1. Since I’m new to this, I’m not sure how this works or what I’m supposed to do as far as checking in, so I will share and if that’s not what I’m supposed to do, I won’t again LOL. Just let me know if I did a “no no.” With that being said, I’ve started off March how I hope to finish it (or better). Tonight I wrote for 31 minutes using Write or Die and I wrote 1017 on my MS. 🙂

    • Awesome April! Lots of people checked in last year in the way you are doing it now! There is no “no no’s” with Writer’s March! I too had a good first day. My designated 75 minutes stretched about 100. Thanks for your update.

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