How much is too much writing?

I think for me,  a day of rest may not be a bad idea.  Of course rest would include laundry, cleaning the house, etc.  (and the requisite America’s Next Top Model Marathon).  I had high hopes at the beginning of this month with my FIVE HOURS A DAY goal… it’s not that I’m giving up…   far from it!  So far this month I’ve added 35 pages to my dissertation (that’s over 11,000 words people!), drafted three poems, read two books I needed to read, hung out with my cousin in Portland and saw Nari Kirk get married (wearing the most fabulous shoes I’ve ever seen).

Admittedly the Portland / Nari wedding thing  didn’t really get me anywhere near my 5 hours per day goal of writing, but it was good for my soul.  So I’m quite happy with the time I spent there.  Instead, I will keep re-thinking this writing goal thing and how to make it work for me.

The reality is that I’m using this March as a springboard for a writing life, not just as way to get a ton of work done this March.

What? you’re getting your MFA! you may be saying.  Didn’t you already commit to a writing life?

Um. sort of.  You see I always had this plan, that I would go back to my job full-time after the MFA.  Kinda pick up my life where I left it…  but like my granddad used to say about the stock market, “It fluctuates!”  In other words, things change.  You can read about it over on my personal blog, but the bottom line is, I no longer have a job to go back to. So, I need to make this writing thing work in some way, make this commitment, and completely follow through with the change I initiated when I decided to come to graduate school.

My first post here was about not beating yourmyself up.  It’s okay to make adjustments, re-vision your goal.  Rather than give up, give your goal a tweak!

So now that we’re in the homestretch of this Writers’ March, I think I’ll add that for me the goals need to be not only attainable, but sustainable.  Maybe once I have a job 5 hours of writing a day is going to be too much (unless I give up completely watching reality t.v. re-runs) but I’ll have to reassess when I get there.

And so I will sign off and leave you with today’s Attitude is Everything Card:

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