Challenger Update #1

In lieu of a post, I thought I’d use this Tuesday for two things:

1.  Take this Poll & Let’s see where we all stand!

2.  Post a comment & Update us on your goals!  And remember, the idea is to make yourself want to write, not to make yourself feel bad.  Feel free to revise your goals (up or down) depending.

As for me,

Daily Goals:  3 Hours/day.

Progress:  On these, I’ve stayed consistent though they are not always three days in a row. I work better when I work through them consistently, so my goal for the following week is to write for three hours in one sitting.  The Good news: A few of the days (like today), I was even able to exceed my daily goals!

Monthly goal: 100 pages by the end of March.

Progress so far: The good news: I’ve written almost 30 new pages (and revised roughly 20)!  The bad news: probably 10 of those 50 are usable as is and over half of them need to be completely reworked (and if you know me at all, you’ll understand that reworking takes me three times as long as getting them down).   But hey, there’s progress!

6 thoughts on “Challenger Update #1

  1. Since part of the challenge was to write more during March, I upped my daily minimum 67%. So far, so good.

    Except… yesterday, I was having a hell of a time, until I took Sam’s palmist’s advice. I dug up some pics of my recent trip to London and very quickly found myself bumping up against my self imposed maximum word count (which is just as important, limiting rambling and keeping my daily posts from interfering with my other writing).

    Also, it occurs to me that I never set a monthly goal- 1 piece that’ll be submission-ready.

    I’m having a blast with this, and I hope y’all are too.


  2. I’m managing to write more than the goal I set–usually an hour or more rather than 30 minutes–but I haven’t set down to any revisions. Haven’t looked at the short story or the behemoth. That’s for spring break.

  3. Oh, man. One trip to my parents house and I totally lost my momentum. I got back on track today with a solid 30 minutes of writing on public transportation. I’m going to try to put in some more time later, too. My goal is to have three solid essays ready to share with my writing buddy by the end of the month. Maybe I’ll even get to my long neglected novel. . .

  4. I’m finding I need to remind myself of the other activities that I was going to count towards my 5 hours / day… so that rather than sit around staring at a computer screen and feeling frustrated for not writing, I can pick up a book, or write a poem, and maybe work my way back into what I’m working on.

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