Day 6: Interactive Compost

Writerly Cartoons ala New Yorker fill-in-the-blank style. As if you don’t have enough to write already. Save this cartoon caption from being awful by posting yours in the comments. Best one gets Writer’s March kudos and maybe a cookie*.

*if you don’t live in albuquerque, it will be a picture of a cookie emailed at my convenience.




3 thoughts on “Day 6: Interactive Compost

  1. To break the proverbial ice, I’ll start it off.

    “The story’s great Herb, really. But this title, “90 Minutes in Lightly Salted Boiling Water: My Look into the Afterlife.” We feel it’s sounding just a wee bit New Agey. We were thinking something a little less Sylvia Brown, a little more Hunter S. Thompson.”

  2. Forgive me in advance if I project, just a bit:

    “I KNOW I said I had only one more chapter to go, but I ran into a bad case of writer’s claw.”

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