Day 2 Evening Thoughts: The Happy (Book)Worm: Daily Compost for Writers

Here’s a quote for those writing this afternoon:

“It is necessary to write, if the days are not to slip emptily by.
How else, indeed, to clap the net over the butterfly of the moment? For the moment passes, it is forgotten; the mood is gone; life itself is gone.”

-Vita Sackville-West

Vita Sackville West


This quote was brought to you by Randi Beck who will be providing us with daily quotes meant to inspire.  She’s dubbing it “The Happy (Book)Worm: Daily Compost for Writers.”  From this moment forward, you can expect two posts/day.  One short and one longer.  Tomorrow, stay tuned for a guest blog post from my friend and fellow writer Jennifer Simpson.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 Evening Thoughts: The Happy (Book)Worm: Daily Compost for Writers

  1. Ah, lovely Vita, a woman after Virginia’s own heart, Orlando forever…. She wrote of her lover Virginia Woolf that she was well-named: “purity and a hint of the fang.” I have a good VW quote–from Lily Briscoe in To the Lighthouse–that I’ll share if you like. It’s been on my refrigerator for years.

    And what does one have to do to have a guest blog on Sam’s site?

  2. I love me a good Vita S-W quote too. I’m a friend of Maria Howard and just wanted to say that I think this is a great idea and I like getting my daily emails.

    Someday Maria should tell you about how a pot-smoking technophobe all but destroyed V.Dub for us circa 2006.

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